ACTS Is Growing A Garden!


For the past few months ACTS has been learning about the environment so that we can take steps to care for the places we call home. We are planting a garden that will offer fresh vegetables that we can use during our meals. We are also planting some trees and other plants that will add some beauty to the exterior of the house. This has been a great learning opportunity for our kids to see the process of gardening and practice the skills necessary to keep it growing. Our elementary kids got to learn about thinning and transplanting seeds so that they could also begin small gardens at their individual homes!


This garden adds another way for the kids to be a part of investing in the ACTS house and this neighborhood. We are so grateful for those that have supported this project through their time, finances, and supplies; from high school volunteers at Holland Christian to churches and individuals that are part of our ACTS family.

Our other environmental initiative has been to increase our efforts in composting, recycling, and reducing waste. This helps the kids to make wiser choices when it comes to meal time and even some of our art projects. Our middle school group was challenged to collect items at home or school that could be composted or recycled. We are so excited that the activities our kids do at ACTS can also be carried into other areas of their lives!

Living Hope Showcase & Hope Packages


Our kids have had multiple opportunities to collaborate with Holland Christian High Students in the last couple of months. During Holland Christian’s annual musical showcase Jaime and two kiddos, Layla and Dylan, got to share about ACTS. Layla and Dylan was so excited yet a little nervous to speak to an audience of hundreds of people; but they did a great job highlighting their favorite parts about joining ACTS. The school graciously donated a portion of the ticket sales from this two-night event and made it possible for us to bring a small group to experience this wondering evening.

The proceeds from the Living Hope Showcase went towards assembling Hope Packages for kids entering foster care in our community. ACTS kids and volunteers from Holland Christian got together to assemble the packages and deliver them to the organization. By working on this project our kids got to use the resources around them to give back to their community. They became part of something that gives the opportunity for kids starting a new journey in foster care to feel cared for and supported.


Winter Partners Highlight

Winter Partners Highlight

We are so grateful for partners that provide new opportunities for the kids and support our regular programs in a variety of ways. So from time to time we like to take time on the blog to highlight a few of these partners and what we have been able to do together recently.


Innocademy - STEM Night

Our friends at Innocademy hosted a STEM activities event. About 15 of our kids engaged with science experiments, structural engineering challenges and more, all facilitated by a group of caring volunteers from Innocademy. It was such a cool experience for the kids to visit Innocademy’s site and have fun learning about these topics that may not catch their attention during school

Hope College Neuroscience

A small group of from Hope College’s Neuroscience Program came to the ACTS house and introduced the kids to some of the biology of how the brains work. They also did some demonstrations and even brought a real brain for the kids to see!


There are a number of ways this organization has supported us for the past few years. To name a few we have enjoyed collaborating with them for Peace Camp and they have brought volunteer crews out to help do yard work at the ACTS house. We are so grateful for their support as we start an initiative towards sustainable living with the kids. This will give the kids a hands on opportunity to plant their own garden, learn about fresh foods, composting, and reducing waste. The kids that participate in this experience will learn and do things that will not only enrich their names at ACTS but will allow them to take what they have learned into other parts of their community.

Thank you to these partners and each organization that supports us in big and small ways. We are grateful for all you do and excited for what is ahead!

Christmas 2018 Festivities


2018 Festivities

This busyness of the Christmas season couldn’t stop us from gathering as family! Our annual Christmas party is an opportunity for staff, volunteers, and kids to gather for food, fun, and gifts in the spirit of the holiday. One of the most beloved parts of the party is a Secret Santa exchange.


Prior to this night the kids go on shopping trip to search for their match’s favorite things. There is such excitement in the kids being able to give gifts to their ACTS friends.


Before gifts were opened we shared a home-cooked dinner. We re so grateful to each volunteer that made the night run smoothly; from cooking dinner, wrapping gifts, and snapping pictures to clean up at the end of the night.


Innotec supported our night by sponsoring personalized gifts for each child. Before everyone went home, each person receive also received a sweat shirt printed by Silkscreen Marketing. The kids also took home chocolate treats made especially for them by Nancy Beeline.

On this night we even had a couple birthdays to celebrate too! We continued the Christmas cheer with a seperate party to reconnect with our young adults from years past of ACTS programs. It was so special to celebrate with this group and see some of them with children of their own. Christmas 2018 was full of moments that will be cherished forever!

Artists Spotlight Part 2


Meet the Artists Part 2

As the youngest to join ACTS, Shania joined us when she was 4 years old! Don’t let that sweet smile fool you, this beautiful artist is full of fire. Artistically, Shania enjoys to creating abstract work that tells a story and uses LOTS of color.

Remy (pictured below) is the most recent addition to our ACTS family and currently the youngest. During his time with us he likes to sit in our library to read as well as play outside. Even though he’s only come to ACTS for one month he’s already completed this illustration of the ACTS house. Everything from the colors to the roof is impressively realistic for this young artist! We anticipate this being the first of many wonderful pieces of art that Remy creates with us!


Lexi is another newer part of ACTS having first joined us this spring. She’s gone on many field trips and likes to participate in any activity we throw her way. Her playful cat painting speaks to the joy and fun she brings every time she is at ACTS!


This is Aliyah’s 3rd year with ACTS. She is a seasoned participant in the art show as well as many of our summer activities like Peace Camp and Surf Camp. We can always count on her to create some ACTS-themed art for the show and this year is no exception!

Shania, Remy, Lexi, and Aliyah with the ACTS kids are so excited to to share their work with you at the Art Show & Silent Auction. Join us on November 29 at Brew Merchant from 6-8pm!

Event Details

Artists Spotlight


Meet the Artists

Part 1

Our annual art show is just around the corner! So many wonderful pieces of art will be available and we wanted to introduce you to some the artist behind the heartfelt work you’ll see.


Layla joined ACTS almost 3 years ago when she was in 1st grade. Now in 4th grade Layla has participated in numerous art shows. Creating miniature rooms and structures is one of Layla’s new found interests. In addition to paintings Layla will have 3D artwork at the show.


Tino is in 7th grade and part of the 2nd generation of ACTS kids. Tito loves playing basketball with the other kids at ACTS and being outside. This piece, “Elvis,” was a popular item last year. We’re excited to see what Tino comes up with next!


Our young artist, Lily, has been part of ACTS for just over a year. Even as a 4th grader, she is well on her way to becoming an talented artist. Currently Lily is focused on discerning her unique artistic style. She has already created these 3 pieces for the show and we’re sure there’s more to come!

Layla, Tino, Lily, and all the ACTS kids are so excited to to share their work with you at

the Art Show & Silent Auction. Join us on November 29 at Brew Merchant from 6-8pm!

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Surf Camp 2018

IMG_3676 2.JPG

Riding the Waves with ARC

We are so thankful for our continued partnership with The ARC Project. Every summer for the past six years the have host Surf Camp which teaches the kids water safety and the basics of surfing. Although the weather presented some challenges we were able to have two different sessions over at Camp Geneva this year. First was a three day session with our little ones. Then we had a day long session with the teens that ended with a cookout right on the lake. Over 20 of our ACTS kids attended this year!


Our sessions were led by ARC’s co-founder Greg Field, Jr. Their mission is to “introduce others to the light and love of Jesus Christ, build relationships, break down cultural barriers, and provide opportunities for urban youth to enjoy the beach.”

Surf camp is an opportunity for many of our kids to get out of their comfort zone and learn new skills. We are thankful for each instructors guidance with our kids as facing something new always comes with a mixture of excitement and nerves. One kid said about the experience, “My mom was really worried when she found out we were going to be at the big lake, but she is really happy now that I learned about how to be safe in the water.”

We are so grateful for another successful year of surf camp! To learn more about this organization, go to!

Summer Outings

2018.07.02 Whitecaps 06.JPG

Summer Fun


One of our FAVORITE things about summer is the flexibility to go on field trips! Whether it's a baseball game or trip downtown Holland we love exploring new places and experiencing new things with the kids.

We took a trip to Frederik Meijer Garden where our teenagers enjoyed being able to get outdoors and see all the unique plants and flowers at the gardens. This group experienced some youthful play at the Sensory Garden by engaging their sense of touch, see, taste, hear, and smell. One of our yearly trips is downtown Holland for Street Performers. This year was even more special because we got to see Kylen and some of our other volunteers in action with Silkscreen's Printmobile.


We took two different groups to Whitecaps games this summer. Both kids and teens were excited to see a baseball game in person. For some there was a lot of learning about the rules and scoring. Others are huge baseball fans and were pulling for the Whitecaps win or loose. We all got to spend time together and the hotdogs didn't hurt either. After the game we stopped for ice cream to finish off a great night.

Thank you to all that have provided for us to go on theses trips and accompanied us as chaperones. We are so excited to see what the final weeks of summer have in store!


You may wonder who supports us and where some of our resources come from that allow us to work with our amazing kids. So we wanted to introduce you to some of the people and organizations that partner with us. We are so grateful for each partner and the unique ways that we can collaborate with them; from collaborating on programs and fields trips to providing everyday supplies.


Embolden Studio out of Zeeland has been a faithful partner through their annual Share the Love Event. Owner and photographer Christy holds two full days of portrait sessions where parents can get their child's portrait taken in exchange for a donation to ACTS. This year our request was for cleaning products as well as supplies for our new kitchen at the ACTS House. In years past we've focused on art supplies and a variety of other items. Share the Love is a fun event for families getting photos taken and we deeply appreciate the outpouring of donations ACTS receives.


Beechwood Church is one of our partner churches. Early on in the summer a group of volunteers joined us during a program night to lead games and host a pizza party. Our kids and teens had so much fun playing games and eating with these volunteers. Anytime that our kids can spend quality time with caring volunteers is a win in our book! It was such a gift for them to help us meet our goal of providing a meal to our kids each time ACTS meets.

Real Life Fellowship Church has been supporting ACTS since its infancy. We are grateful for all the ways in which this congregation has loved on, encouraged and blessed our ministry over the years. One of the most tangible and on-going ways that RLF has supported ACTS has been through its food distribution once a month. The 3rd Monday of each month a truck and crew of friendly faces from the church pulls up with hundreds of pounds of food for us. We have a chance to share a few stories and pray together, over the food that will be shared. This gift and support each month helps underwrite the cost of feeding our youth both a snack and full meal 4 nights a week, 50 weeks out of the year.

We are so grateful for the many ways that we are supported! If you would like to learn more about becoming one of our partners we invite you to contact us! There are general ways to contribute to our mission as well. Please visit our support page.

Peace Camp 2018

IMG_3209 6.JPG

Peace Camp 2018

Earlier this summer 9 of our elementary aged kids participated in Peace Camp at First Presbyterian Church. We are grateful for the leadership of First Presbyterian, and countless volunteers (including Ms Jaime) to pull this off! For the past two summers MJ and Jerry Park, from Little Friends for Peace in Washington DC, have joined us.


Aliyah, one of our returning Peace Campers said her favorite activity this year was the peace circle. Each classroom has a space that is set aside as a “peace circle” and is where teachers and campers sit together and check-in throughout the day.

IMG_3181 5.JPG
IMG_3077 2.JPG

The Arts are an important tool and activity at Peace Camp just as they are at ACTS.  Many of our students shared that different art projects throughout the week were a highlight for them. Lilly participated in Peace Camps for the first time this year. She shared that she had a lot of fun but also learned a lot. For example, she had the opportunity to do some sewing as each kids made a pillow on their first day.

If we are to create peace in our world, we must begin with our children.
— Mahatma Ghandi
IMG_3208 6.JPG

They facilitate these camps all over the country with the goal of training local leaders to run the camp independently for years to come. A number of our ACTS kids were returning campers, and they were so glad to spend time with Ms MJ and Mr Jerry again!


Here camp participants can share what feelings and emotions they are having, resolve any conflicts that may be going on, and just get to know more about one another's lives and what “makes” or “breaks” their Peace. Since camp Aliyah shared her desire to create a Peace Circle time and space as a regular part of ACTS, and she's working with our leaders to make this a reality.

IMG_3212 7.JPG
IMG_3148 3.JPG

To conclude the week the kids gave a special presentation to share what they learned with their families. They also shared with the congregation at First Presbyterian and helped lead worship. We are so proud of our ACTS kids and families for making the path to peace (in our own lives, homes, community and world) a priority. If you would like more information about Peace Camp or how to get involved for next year please contact Jaime Blom or check out LFFP online

A Home of Our Own


A Home of Our Own


Over the last few year ACTS has experienced remarkable growth; we've almost doubled the number of kids that join us each day. In early 2016 we began looking for a space to call our very own. Until this point we had shared space with various churches and most recently Jaime and Kylen's home. We were grateful to find a house available in the same neighborhood as the current space. Before we could move in, there was a lot of work that went into creating a space that fit the needs of our kids and this organization. Inside and out, amazing transformation has occurred!


Over the past year we've renovated the space to include an open dining room, a reading/homework room, an extra bathroom and so much more. We are so grateful for each person that donated their time and materials to this project!


T-Shirts & Teen Night


T-Shirts & Teen Night


I remember hearing the phrases ‘creative problem solver’ and ‘flexible adapter’ a lot as I was growing up. In middle school our teachers explained that we needed to become these to make it in the world. In college, my small liberal arts school prided themselves on producing graduates that embodied these attributes. But it wasn’t until I began spotting these characteristics in our own teens that I realized the real-world value of these skills.


Last week our original plans for ACTS Teens night were rained out. Instead of sitting around being bummed, or cancelling plans all together, our teens and volunteers thought creatively about what skills and opportunities we have available to us. Kylen, my husband and longtime volunteer, owns Silkscreen Marketing here in Holland offered to teach us about screen printing and the design process.


He had the kids sit around the dining room table and handed out drawing paper to each teen;  they then got busy sketching. Each had ideas, images, a new ACTS design dreamed up in their head… if I am honest, I was curious about how ONE uniform design would come together! Once finished, they all worked together to pick pieces of each others sketches that they liked, going back and forth, listening to each other, and being willing to let go of certain elements they liked when it wasn’t what the whole wanted. Ultimately, we combined several of the ideas into a sweet ACTS van image.We then visited Kylen’s print shop and learn about the design process from making ideas and sketches into an actual image that can be turned into a screen.

"Nothing is better than having our kiddos come to see what I get to do everyday at work!” said Kylen. “ They have great questions about how everything works. This group is really hands on which makes for a fun design and a very meaningful shirt. Their eyes light up when the ink passes through the screen onto the shirt."

In one night these kids turned concepts in their minds into shirts on their backs; this could never have all come together if they weren’t willing to think creatively, be flexible and be open to compromise. It is important to me that we are facilitating opportunities like this, chances for our kids to learn to communicate, to be willing and able to change direction and creatively find a solution to a problem

"It turned out so sweet” one of our teens exclaimed as they pulled their freshly printed t-shirt at the end of the night, “I am totally wearing this tomorrow!”

2017 End of Year Update

People ask all the time how we find these kids, what the referral process is. The truth is that we don’t go find our kids, they find us, rather they are brought to us by one another. This is a family, and our kids know that family always cares for one another. They know that if they have a friend that really needs a safe, happy place to be that they may invite them.

The children of ACTS not only demonstrate mature understanding of extending compassion and invitation, but they also have a deep understanding and practice of their faith. Anyone who visits us for the first time, or the first time in a long time, comes to me later and comments about “their prayers!” These young children love the Lord and His creation more than anyone I have ever known. They remember to pray by name for each of their leaders, teen helpers and volunteers. They pray for the support and encouragement from our faithful partners like you. They thank the Lord for the blessing it is that we have THIS day and that we have a meal before us. It’s not lost on them how blessed we are. 

Their prayers bring every guest to tears. Even among those of us that have the privilege of hearing these prayers often, there are still tears.  Week after week, without being asked or prompted, they pray for needs that have arisen, for hope for the future, for those they know need an extra measure of love. God is working in and through these young ones. He is using them to show one another grace and what true peace looks like. And He is using them to bless, challenge and love me more and more every day. Their older siblings may have started ACTS, but these little ones will sustain it. It has been nearly a decade in the making, this ministry that ACTS is today, and I have so much hope and joy for what the next decade will bring!  

Jaime Blom, Executive Director


2016 Year End Update

2016 was a big growth year for the ACTS family. Our younger generation of kids, ages 8-12, grew from about 8 participants to 20 in a few months. Several older, original students are now in roles of leadership. 

“It is important for this ministry to continue into the future for these younger kids. For me I know ACTS helps kids, because it helped me. Being a part of this family has had a great impact on my life.”

ACTS is more than a place to hang out. Our community is faith and family based. We focus on building respect and relationships.

“It’s a safe place to be YOU. No one judges you. We eat like a family,  pray like a family, and discuss things like a family. We are a family.”

Jerry’s life with ACTS demonstrates in a powerful way the core values of EMBRACE, EQUIP, and EMPOWER. For those who have walked with us since the beginning, thanks for your faithfulness. For our newer friends, thank you for energy, ideas and encouragement.


2015 Year-End Update

“As friends, family, and ministry associates, you inspire me to be faithful to the call. I am deeply grateful for hugs, prayers, encouragement, dreaming with me (and shared cups of coffee). Some of you have walked with me for 9 years.

In this newsletter we share a variety of praises, challenges and opportunities. The complexity of our work reveals itself in the reality that our call to ministry is relational. Kids don’t graduate from ACTS with a certificate. We help them find new roles and opportunities to lead within ACTS and elsewhere. One of our first students, Rey, is now preparing for college and regularly leads and mentors our younger kids. We love him. 

Please consider deliberately and prayerfully the support invitations shared below. Our ACTS kids recognize the personal investments in their lives... their school art teacher, the coffee shop owner, neighbors on their street, and Jaime’s friends and family. Please stand with us for His beloved children.” -Jaime Blom, Executive Director