Winter Partners Highlight

Winter Partners Highlight

We are so grateful for partners that provide new opportunities for the kids and support our regular programs in a variety of ways. So from time to time we like to take time on the blog to highlight a few of these partners and what we have been able to do together recently.


Innocademy - STEM Night

Our friends at Innocademy hosted a STEM activities event. About 15 of our kids engaged with science experiments, structural engineering challenges and more, all facilitated by a group of caring volunteers from Innocademy. It was such a cool experience for the kids to visit Innocademy’s site and have fun learning about these topics that may not catch their attention during school

Hope College Neuroscience

A small group of from Hope College’s Neuroscience Program came to the ACTS house and introduced the kids to some of the biology of how the brains work. They also did some demonstrations and even brought a real brain for the kids to see!


There are a number of ways this organization has supported us for the past few years. To name a few we have enjoyed collaborating with them for Peace Camp and they have brought volunteer crews out to help do yard work at the ACTS house. We are so grateful for their support as we start an initiative towards sustainable living with the kids. This will give the kids a hands on opportunity to plant their own garden, learn about fresh foods, composting, and reducing waste. The kids that participate in this experience will learn and do things that will not only enrich their names at ACTS but will allow them to take what they have learned into other parts of their community.

Thank you to these partners and each organization that supports us in big and small ways. We are grateful for all you do and excited for what is ahead!