Our vision for ACTS is guided by 3 words



EMBRACE /əmˈbrās/ to hold closely in one's arms. To accept or support a change willingly and enthusiastically: When we meet each kid, our first priority to make them feel welcome and a part of this family.


EQUIP /əˈkwip/ to supply with the necessary items for a particular purpose:  Over months and years, we build meaningful relationships and give these kids the opportunity to learn and grow.


EMPOWER /əmˈpou(ə)r/ to enable. To promote self-actualization or influence: Eventually, our kids become leaders within the ministry and help model for the next generation how to love and care for one another.


Our ACTS kids are coming from all walks of life. Our priority is to enter into the chaos that is the life of so many of our children. We meet them where they are.  We eat together, play together, create, explore, cry, pray, laugh, learn, and live together. Once the seeds of relationships are planted, we begin to look for ways to help them through current challenges. Every situation is different; some need help with groceries, others need homework assistance, while some just need someone to talk to. Building meaningful relationships is the only way to have a lasting impact on these lives, so that's what we do. We strive to help them make progress in their personal situation.