2016 Year End Update

2016 was a big growth year for the ACTS family. Our younger generation of kids, ages 8-12, grew from about 8 participants to 20 in a few months. Several older, original students are now in roles of leadership. 

“It is important for this ministry to continue into the future for these younger kids. For me I know ACTS helps kids, because it helped me. Being a part of this family has had a great impact on my life.”

ACTS is more than a place to hang out. Our community is faith and family based. We focus on building respect and relationships.

“It’s a safe place to be YOU. No one judges you. We eat like a family,  pray like a family, and discuss things like a family. We are a family.”

Jerry’s life with ACTS demonstrates in a powerful way the core values of EMBRACE, EQUIP, and EMPOWER. For those who have walked with us since the beginning, thanks for your faithfulness. For our newer friends, thank you for energy, ideas and encouragement.