2015 Year-End Update

“As friends, family, and ministry associates, you inspire me to be faithful to the call. I am deeply grateful for hugs, prayers, encouragement, dreaming with me (and shared cups of coffee). Some of you have walked with me for 9 years.

In this newsletter we share a variety of praises, challenges and opportunities. The complexity of our work reveals itself in the reality that our call to ministry is relational. Kids don’t graduate from ACTS with a certificate. We help them find new roles and opportunities to lead within ACTS and elsewhere. One of our first students, Rey, is now preparing for college and regularly leads and mentors our younger kids. We love him. 

Please consider deliberately and prayerfully the support invitations shared below. Our ACTS kids recognize the personal investments in their lives... their school art teacher, the coffee shop owner, neighbors on their street, and Jaime’s friends and family. Please stand with us for His beloved children.” -Jaime Blom, Executive Director