2017 End of Year Update

People ask all the time how we find these kids, what the referral process is. The truth is that we don’t go find our kids, they find us, rather they are brought to us by one another. This is a family, and our kids know that family always cares for one another. They know that if they have a friend that really needs a safe, happy place to be that they may invite them.

The children of ACTS not only demonstrate mature understanding of extending compassion and invitation, but they also have a deep understanding and practice of their faith. Anyone who visits us for the first time, or the first time in a long time, comes to me later and comments about “their prayers!” These young children love the Lord and His creation more than anyone I have ever known. They remember to pray by name for each of their leaders, teen helpers and volunteers. They pray for the support and encouragement from our faithful partners like you. They thank the Lord for the blessing it is that we have THIS day and that we have a meal before us. It’s not lost on them how blessed we are. 

Their prayers bring every guest to tears. Even among those of us that have the privilege of hearing these prayers often, there are still tears.  Week after week, without being asked or prompted, they pray for needs that have arisen, for hope for the future, for those they know need an extra measure of love. God is working in and through these young ones. He is using them to show one another grace and what true peace looks like. And He is using them to bless, challenge and love me more and more every day. Their older siblings may have started ACTS, but these little ones will sustain it. It has been nearly a decade in the making, this ministry that ACTS is today, and I have so much hope and joy for what the next decade will bring!  

Jaime Blom, Executive Director