Peace Camp 2018

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Peace Camp 2018

Earlier this summer 9 of our elementary aged kids participated in Peace Camp at First Presbyterian Church. We are grateful for the leadership of First Presbyterian, and countless volunteers (including Ms Jaime) to pull this off! For the past two summers MJ and Jerry Park, from Little Friends for Peace in Washington DC, have joined us.


Aliyah, one of our returning Peace Campers said her favorite activity this year was the peace circle. Each classroom has a space that is set aside as a “peace circle” and is where teachers and campers sit together and check-in throughout the day.

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The Arts are an important tool and activity at Peace Camp just as they are at ACTS.  Many of our students shared that different art projects throughout the week were a highlight for them. Lilly participated in Peace Camps for the first time this year. She shared that she had a lot of fun but also learned a lot. For example, she had the opportunity to do some sewing as each kids made a pillow on their first day.

If we are to create peace in our world, we must begin with our children.
— Mahatma Ghandi
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They facilitate these camps all over the country with the goal of training local leaders to run the camp independently for years to come. A number of our ACTS kids were returning campers, and they were so glad to spend time with Ms MJ and Mr Jerry again!


Here camp participants can share what feelings and emotions they are having, resolve any conflicts that may be going on, and just get to know more about one another's lives and what “makes” or “breaks” their Peace. Since camp Aliyah shared her desire to create a Peace Circle time and space as a regular part of ACTS, and she's working with our leaders to make this a reality.

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To conclude the week the kids gave a special presentation to share what they learned with their families. They also shared with the congregation at First Presbyterian and helped lead worship. We are so proud of our ACTS kids and families for making the path to peace (in our own lives, homes, community and world) a priority. If you would like more information about Peace Camp or how to get involved for next year please contact Jaime Blom or check out LFFP online